Leak Repair Clamps

Online leak sealing is a comprehensive maintenance technology, which is composed of online leak sealing clamps, sealant, special tools and sealing technology. Each part of technology can give full play to their respective technical advantages and be comprehensively and harmoniously applied, so as to reflect the excellent effect of the online leak sealing.

Online leak sealing clamps is the key link of pressure sealing.

The principle of online leak sealing requires that the leakage points must be contained within the clamps, which forms a necessary cavity with the original sealing structure. The sealant is injected into the cavity,which generate a sealing specific pressure higher than the pressure of the original leaking system, so as to terminate the leaking.

The application of online leak sealing technology is very wide. The applicable pressure is from vacuum to 32Mpa and the temperature is from - 196 ℃ to 800 ℃, and it is suitable for the leakage of various media. Especially when the equipment has a high pressure and high temperature leaks, the stability of the clamps are the key to the success of sealing and safe construction.

The sealing cavity bears the system pressure and sealant extrusion pressure, making the cavity a pressure one. The pressure chamber bears internal pressure. The pressure acting on the cavity is characterized by the system pressure which is a uniformly distributed load, and the sealant extrusion force which is a special force type with different loads near the injection holes along the circumference of the clamp.

Leak Repair Clamps

The quick clamp structure reflects the clamping effect of containing the leakage point to withstand system pressure, while the inner lining is made of sheet sealing materials with characteristics such as high temperature resistance, medium resistance, and heat curing. Due to being equipped with fast closure facilities, the implementation of sealing is very simple and fast.

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