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Tianjin Insight Technologies Development Co., Ltd is a specialized enterprise engaging in online leak sealing special products and consumables. We have been establishing the stable demand and supply relationships with a number of group enterprises, based on the industrial ecology of rubber and plastic mixing, machining and anti-corrosion enterprises surrounding CNOOC, SINOPEC Tianjin Company, and Dagang Oildfield Group Ltd. Company. The services we provide target at numerous countries and regions in Asia, Oceania, America and Africa. The products we offer enjoy a great amount of positive comments from the customers. With our own technical advantages, we has developed the series universal high temperature resistant sealant, which has received the widespread praise of users since it was put into the market. The products are sold globally, and we have been working with the United States, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Brazil, Katar, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Canada, Serbia Italy and other countries, and established long-term supply and demand relations. Mature under pressure leak sealing technology has been widely used in the process devices of petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, fertilizer, power, metallurgy, medicine, chemical fiber, gas, water supply, heating, gas and oil transportation, nuclear power industry and so on.

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Fast and Convenient

The defective need no treatment beforhand, and the sealing process is simple and fast.

Strong Adaptability

Widely applicable to sealing leakage of various media under different temperature and pressure conditions.

Safe and Reliable

No need for hot work, and the defective parts of the equipment are protected and reinforced.

Working Conditions Unchanged

Do not affect the normal operation of the production plant.