(1) Inject from multi-ports to restrain the injecting propulsion distance, which facilitate the coordination control of injection speed and curing time, and avoid overloading the clamp and flange bolts.
(2) Inject from the port which is farthest from the main leaking point, which avoid the leak sealing compounds from being blown away or injected into the leaking system.
(3) Inject in symmetric order and make sealant-filled areas compacted in case of leaving unfilled space, which ensure its uniformly density.
(4) Sealing process principle

Observe the final result after finish injection, then making supplementary injection for leak sealing compounds to compact inside, which ensure the new structure stable and reliable.
A.Start injecting from the place far away from the main leaking point
Start injecting from the place far away from the main leaking point, which is helpful to establish the stable sealing structure;
Stop injecting when the sealant moves to its adjacent adaptor port, then change by sequence to another port to inject.

B. Inject by sequence
The injected leak sealing compounds in the sealing cavity can compact between each areas, which makes the sealant compounds structure uniformly density.

C. Inject at ending port
Inject by sequence to approach the main leaking point
At last, inject from the last injection hole. Control the pushing speed, watch the change of injection pressure, and pay attention to the amount of leak sealing compounds, preventing the leak sealing compounds from being injected into working system.
(5) Affect of Bad use of the operation to the sealing quality
D. if start injecting straightly to the main leaking point

In the initial period of injecting, the sealant compound is lack of the ability of the stretch-proof and tear-proof strength. It is easy to be blown off. Influenced by the system temperature, the granulated sealant compound presents certain solidification characteristic and loses the sticking quality. Because there are leaking medium mixed with some hard intergranular mixture, So the structure is loose and easy to have the sealant injected into the leaking point.

E. If not inject in sequence It will be mixed with medium, which affects the structure stability.

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