Leak Sealing 
online steam leak repair

Online leak sealing technology is a technical means to quickly eliminate the leakage when the fluid medium leaks from the equipment in operation without affecting the normal operation of production. The technical implementation involves different working conditions and complicated leakage locations. To be the situation specific, the technical efficiency can be brought into full play through the comprehensive application of multi-disciplinary knowledge such as engineering mechanics, material science, transfer technology and rheology.
1. Technical nature: it belongs to the equipment inspection and maintenance technology
2. The basic principle is: use the clamp to contain the leakage point and establish the sealing cavity (or use the original sealing cavity), and inject the sealant with a thrust slightly higher than the pressure of the leakage medium system to achieve the effective working sealing specific pressure, and the leakage is prevented, so as to realize re-sealing.
3. Online Leak Sealing Technical features
● Strong adaptability and widely applicable to sealing leakage of various fluid media under different temperature and pressure conditions.
● Eliminate the leakage process, keep the working conditions unchanged, and do not affect the normal operation of the production plant.
● Safe and reliable. No need for hot work in the operation process, the original sealing structure is not changed, and the defective parts of the equipment are protected and enforced to ensure the safe operation of the plant.
● Fast and convenient. The defective need no treatment beforhand, and the process of eliminating any defect is simple and fast.
● protect the original sealing components from further damage. At the end of operation cycle, the established sealing structure is easy to disassemble and restore to the original state.
● prevent the occurrence of malignant accidents, eliminate the occurrence of fire and explosion accidents caused by the leakage of flammable and explosive media, and avoid the leakage of toxic and harmful media resulting in environmental pollution, which is conducive to resource conservation and environmental protection.
4. This technology has been widely adopted by process enterprises and has played a great role in maintaining the normal operation of the device and eliminating running, emitting and dripping. It not only brings great economic benefits to the enterprises, but also is conducive to resource conservation and environmental protection.

The applicable pressure: -0.1MPa~35MPa The applicable temperature: -180℃~800℃; The applicable medium: variety of mediums The applicable industries: petroleum, chemicals, power, metallurgy, medicine, chemical fiber, gas, water supply and heat supply etc.  

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