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leak sealing Injection Tools

leak sealing Injection Tools

①material chamber ②feeding hole ③coupling nut ④handspike ⑤spring ⑥stopper ⑦“O” ring ⑧cap nut ⑨oil inlet ⑩agent exit

The injection process:
① Filling the sealant compound into the material chamber of the sealant tool gun;
② The sealant is injected into the sealing chamber through the injection valve by hydraulic propulsion process , while the spring is compressed;
③ The operation process should be slowly and evenly applied to prevent the oil circuit from clashing;
④ When the gauge needle only rises without falling, the propulsion stroke ends;
⑤ Slowly open the unloading valve of the oil pump, rely on the spring restoration force to resposite the piston push rod;
⑥ Using a hydraulic reposition injection gun, when the propulsion stroke is completed, it twists the valve handle to change the direction of oil inlet and outlet to reposite the piston push rod;
⑦ Repeat the above operation to complete the entire injection process.

The maintenance of the leak sealing Injection gun:
① Remove the residual sealant from the surface of the push rod after finishing sealing operation.
② Loosen the quick coupling connecting the rubber hose after confirming the reposition of the push rod,
③ During the disassembly process, it is not allowed to randomly strike the components of the instrument;
④ Long term shutdown requires cleaning the surface of the push rod and the residue on the material chamber wall, and then applying lubricating oil for rust prevention.

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