sealing clamps

Ⅰ The leak clamps enclose the leaking point, establishing the sealing cavity;
1. Accommodate the sealant in the sealing cavity;
2. Withstand the system pressure and sealant extrusion stress.
Ⅱ The basic requirement on the clamps
1. The sufficient strength and rigidity;
2. The proper dimension for the sealing cavity;
3. The proper connection gap between the clamp and the flange outer edge or pipe OD of the original structure;
4. It should has the sealant entrance channel through which the clamp could connect with the adaptor and the injection gun;
5. For facilitating the installation and machining, the leak clamps could be splitted into several equal segments, like trisected or quartered. The bolt shall be set at the center of each two equal segments.
6. The clamp structure should not cause the additional stress to the leaking location when injecting sealant.
7. It should use the stud bolt of not less than 8.8 grad.
8. According to the leaking structure, it could be designed into altered structure or sealing enhancement structure.

onlne leak seal